The interior of the nursery with their hands

The idea is that when designing an architectural project of a house or apartment, in parallel with the architect should work designer that generates a complete picture of the inner part of all the rooms, developing a comprehensive design project. The designer, of course useful, but his work, like any other, have to pay for. But if You do want to make a significant contribution to the creation of your home, try to develop the interior design of rooms with his own hands.
All you need some basic knowledge and bogatoe imagination.
If you have a great desire and good imagination, You can decorate a child’s room with his hands is not worse than any designer. But if You have experience with repairing or finishing and have experience in similar works, then You will not have any problems. Because in design it is important to understand and know how everything You draw will come to life.
For beginners there are a lot of necessary information with which you can quickly learn all the nuances and peculiarities of construction or repair.
In addition to the finishing works and familiarize yourself with the basic rules, which adhere to the design of standard projects for residential premises.
Here are some tips that are useful in designing and repairing the nursery:

When choosing colors for the walls, choose neutral and soothing shades.
Sex is best done with a heated or used as a coating carpet.
Do You make furniture with his own hands, order or buy a ready-made, for its production use only natural wood.
Remember that in a child’s room should be well lit. Day is a natural light and in the evening the chandelier and lamps.
Curtains in the room must not miss the day light, otherwise the baby will not be able to sleep at the right time.
Hide the sharp corners, otherwise You can not avoid childhood injuries.
Use environmentally friendly building materials.
By creating the interior with their own hands, You get two important and essential things. The first is the realization that you made the room their child with their own hands. And the second is the pleasure of what You are doing. Another rule: listen to the advice of his child, after all, who but he knows best what he wants.
Most importantly, be confident in themselves and their abilities. Then You will succeed! And our photo galleries and tips are always at Your service.

20 Photos of the The interior of the nursery with their hands