Provence style in interior design

Who doesn’t dream from time to time to get out of the cold working in a warm Sunny area. Provence style will help to realize Your desires in the house or apartment and make the dream a reality.
Provence is a peaceful southern region of France, with magnificent nature, blue sea and bright sun. Interior provincial houses are unique, original style. This region was the birthplace and prototype of the famous and revered still style in interior design.
This style is perfect for fans of cosiness and comfort. And for those who often used to visit grandmother in the village, enjoying the freedom and beauty of the world, the style of Provence will be a real boon and memory and the past years . Pleasant memories of childhood will help you to relax and forget all your troubles and problems.
If You want to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in the style of Provence, you must know its main characteristics and distinctive features:
Are used to a greater extent pastel shades such as beige, cream, pale yellow, terracotta, dirty orange, celadon, pale green, lavender and blue, etc.
The ceiling is painted pure white .Decorate the ceiling can be whitewashed, or, conversely, dark beams;
For walls best suited, carelessly applied white plaster. Modern textured plaster, bright colors will also look good on the walls of the room.
The floor was covered with boards or tiles. The Board can be painted or raw, modern wall paneling and flooring is also a good fit.
The idea of style should be used the French Windows (Windows from floor to ceiling). If you can not supply these, you can just buy wooden Windows, divided into several sections.
The furniture should be made of wood, you wicker or wrought iron.
In the interior of the fabric is mostly of natural origin: the lion, sitz, cotton and others.
Decorative elements are also present, it is mostly crocheted items (towels, covers for pillows, tablecloths), wrought iron candle holders, wicker baskets, floral landscapes, ceramic plates, wrought iron mirror frames, chandeliers. Mandatory attribute in the interior of Provence style is the symbol of France – rooster figurine.
The presence of living plants, dried flower arrangements only improve the General appearance of the interior.
If You are a lover of Antiques, You will be pleased to know that in Provence style will fit a bit shabby, with peeling paint dressers, cabinets, benches. After all, things with the past is interesting, mysterious and always fascinating. Antiques adorn and diversify the style of Provence.
In the General case, the Provence style is quite free. The main thing is to convey the spirit of Provence, its mood and charm. So experiment, choose and create a unique design of your own home.

20 Photos of the Provence style in interior design