Design project nursery

When designing a child’s room design should consider not only their own wishes or the wishes of the child, but health regulations, such as lighting, ergonomics of furniture and the temperature in the room.
You also need to pay special attention to the location of furniture in the room. Applying the modern model of organization and proektirovaniya children.
There are some rules that can help You create the perfect design project nursery:

When choosing the main color spaces psychophysiology suggest to only use light, neutral tones. From bright, eye-catching colors baby may have a headache, and he can tire quickly.
Children’s furniture should be soft and comfortable, no sharp corners and no unnecessary elements.
Flooring should be warm and not slippery. It is advisable to lay a small carpet with long pile, as children love to play on the floor.
The project is necessary to make so that daylight filled the entire nursery. Artificial light should be bright, whatever the child is comfortable reading and playing.
If the room is designed for several children, it is important to split children into separate zones. This separation helps to avoid conflicts between the children and maintain order in the room.
designing a child’s room requires from the designer and architect of the high fantasy and “children’s mind”. You should always remember that the room would be nice and cozy. To do! the age of the child and his preferences.

21 Photos of the Design project nursery