How to insulate the room from the inside

To insulate the room in different methods. But if You have a good heating, heaters do not work, even the doors and Windows in the house sealed, you should think about an integrated insulation of the room. That is, the insulation of its walls. Methods of thermal insulation of walls in a room, there are many, here we list only the most effective and proven. Because what is the point to use antiquated materials and methods, when there is a decent modern substitute.
In the face of new construction and insulated materials, you can find a way out of the situation, and to answer the question of how to insulate the room from the inside?
So, the basic methods of internal insulation of the rooms:
Insulation using foam. Used as tile foam, and roll. In about the last. The foam roller is one of the newest and safest ways of warming. Thanks to the integrity of the material it provides a seal and keeps the warmth inside the room. Roll the foam with cardboard veneer, allows you to immediately hang Wallpaper on top of the Styrofoam ball.
The second method – insulation with OSB. This universal durable wood material that is used for insulation and finish the interior walls in the house. The material is not afraid of moisture and water. It is convenient for the subsequent finishing, painting, wallpapering, etc.
A third popular way of warming the room inside is to use mineral wool. Mineral wool can be used in rolls (less dense) and the plate (more dense).
These three ways of warming rooms inside today are the most effective and promising in the construction and repair of the premises. Any of these materials can get off on top of gypsum, which is the direct finish of the room from the inside.
To determine how to insulate the wall in the room, everyone takes his own decision. And the conclusion need to do based on the specifics and characteristics of their premises.
It must be remembered that all the processes associated with warming of the room from the inside, one way or another, lead to the reduction of its area. In General, the construction experience, to insulate the house better from the outside to keep the cold layers of air before falling into the interior.

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