Wooden style interior design

This is a new, evolving and not yet fully formed style for interior decoration.
Had such a trend in design and architecture ever since, as I started to write exclusively in wooden houses (usually of timber). After all, when the room inside and outside is composed entirely of wood – the interior in the same tree is very helpful.
Interior design in wooden style is completely eco-friendly and comfortable. And with the right tamponirovanie and arrangement of elements, it can also be very diverse and colorful.
The main principle of the wooden style is simple– all items must be wooden or decorated by wood.
The very existence of such a style was possible thanks to the versatility of wood as a building material. It can be traditionally used for decoration of walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, and other necessary elements of the interior.
Also, the ancestor of the modern wooden style can be called Russian folk style interior, as it is often assumed integrated wood. Also in Russian-folk style of the famous options of designs and drawings on wood, as well as, fine wooden decorations.
But in the modern sense, wooden style does not have to be decorated in old fashioned way, like Provence. It involves the use of natural wood for the interior design in any popular style, this can be a minimalist, Scandinavian, English, Italian, art Deco, etc.
As a kind of wooden style, you can select the style “Chalet”. It is characterized by the use of natural, often rough, untreated wood, and stone. Because the Chalet is Alpine shepherd’s hut, where he slept and hid from bad weather. The Chalet is dark wood, has passed special processing, so that it seemed old and tired. Back in the Chalet mandatory element is the fireplace which is made of gray, rough stone. Wooden furniture in ancient style also emphasizes the individuality and completeness of style.
Wooden style interior cozy and warm, it makes the house a natural and natural, gives it a kind of natural simplicity and originality. To create beautiful wooden style, it is recommended not to buy ready-made millwork and furniture, and to make them to order.
Wood – the most versatile, diverse and environmentally friendly material, so choosing a wooden style, be aware of its benefits.
The disadvantage of wood as a construction material, you can call it a fire hazard and deformation. Upon contact with water, untreated wood can also lose its form and properties. But modern technologies and processes allow us to formalize in a wooden style to any room.

20 Photos of the Wooden style interior design