Kitchen wallpapers

The optimal solution for the walls in the kitchen — a combination of materials. For “dangerous” zones, as a rule, choose a mosaic or a tile, but other areas are mostly painted. And, here, the Wallpaper in the kitchen today are quite rare. Due to the prevailing stereotypes, which in most cases do not have reasonable grounds for existence. In this article, we will debunk most of these myths and prove that the Wallpaper in the kitchen is not such a bad idea.

Perhaps the most common stereotype says that the paper-based Wallpaper for the kitchen absolutely do not fit, they say, there are a number of reasons: they cannot be washed, they are too thin and absorb all the smells… But in practice, the Wallpaper at the entrance to the kitchen wall get dirty much less than, say, the Wallpaper next to the couch in the living room.

Adhesive tape is a good alternative to Wallpaper in the kitchen

Particularly resourceful owners of kitchens believe that a paper Wallpaper in the kitchen is not the place, and, behold, adhesive film or plastic cloth to protect the walls and old pieces of furniture — what you need. Here you can even omit the fact that it looks this “upgrade” is cheap and tacky. But hygiene should not be forgotten: a dense glossy film not covered allows the surface to breathe, which can lead to the appearance of the fungus. Is it permissible in the room where food is stored and food is prepared? Wallpapers, though simple, will not cause any such issues.
According to most, the relief on the kitchen wall collects dirt, dust and soot — do not wash! Let’s face it: how often in your kitchen is a lot of soot and dirt? Well, dust can be easily handled without washing, it is sufficient to use a conventional vacuum cleaner, which will clean up even the finest patterns.
Again, it is unclear who took the myth that the Wallpaper made from natural materials absorb almost all odors — not more than fiction. First, in order to food odours not absorbed anywhere there is a hood. Secondly, like it or not, a kitchen will always smell like kitchen. Third, hardly anyone will sniff your walls in the hope to expose you to prepare the failed tat.

This stereotype can be justified only in case if the Wallpaper will be paper-based, and you love often and a lot to prepare, and not worrying about where the flying drops of fat from a hot pan. Yes, deceit is inappropriate — area kitchen apron, indeed, most of the other parts susceptible to contamination and temperatures, but if you’re not often standing at the stove, dense vinyl based Wallpaper without a pronounced texture is fine. In another case, you can find Wallpaper with a beautiful pattern, paste over them the whole kitchen, and the area of the kitchen apron close to transparent panels of tempered glass — then Wallpaper is certainly not afraid of no pairs, no grease, soot.

19 Photos of the Kitchen wallpapers