Office design

To be a freelancer is difficult. Not, of course, as a miner or factory worker, but still: constantly looking for work or inspiration to accomplish it. The most difficult is to focus and do everything, because the deadline for the freelancer, like the fifth horseman of the Apocalypse. Perhaps it is because everyone who chose the flexible schedule and creative activities at home, so lovingly prepares their workplace. And we, in turn, have prepared a few inspiring ideas for home office.
Who said that traditional desks do not get along with modern chair? Today the ability to combine fashion trends with the classics — this is the first sign that you have taste and style. Try to make a unifying accent color or the shapes of furniture.

Imagine a workplace with a seasoned freelancer without a Board of inspiration is almost impossible. Here, as a rule, and notes to yourself and any important printouts for work, and scraps of dreams that will come true…. Sometimes it is so littered that some of the stickers just get lost under new photos or clippings from magazines. The composition may, this Board looks nice, but this is hardly convenient. We recommend you to go beyond the Board and make the composition of the entire wall near the table.

If you haven’t heard, we hasten to inform you: the lights on the hangers is one of the most fashionable trends in the interior design field today. So if you have the ability and desire to get rid of old table lamps, to use the idea with the lamp on the cord. The main thing — correctly to calculate the height and location of the light, so the light is not blinding, and the lamp does not interfere with work.

Not enough Desk space, shelves and hanging lockers don’t fit into the concept of interior design? — Use the floor! By the way, today is very fashionable to decorate the room with stacks of books and magazines. Looks, agree, somewhat aristocratic, and definitely creative.
Tired Board of inspiration, but without it, as without hands? A good alternative or addition would be a strap or rope with fasteners for papers.

You should not think that this furniture is only for the corporate offices. For the workplace in the walls of the house, this cupboard can also be very useful. And, no, it will not stand out from overall design, asking too business-like tone.
Even if you find a rare instance of a nonworking typewriter in grandma’s attic or the flea”, get it immediately! It will be a real decoration for your desktop and pictures of your home office will be popular in Instagram. Well, if you are a connoisseur of the cult of the object, and the machine is in working condition, it will be for you a real treasure!
Think rocking chairs are good only for the fireplace on Baker street? — Try to work, slowly swaying in the reflection, sitting on a chair-a rocking chair! And looks like this chair in a home office very interesting.

20 Photos of the Office design