Bathroom with window: some great examples and ideas

If you moved into a house or relatively large apartment and you have in your bathroom has a window — you are in luck! Most of us are content with the artificial lighting in the bathrooms. And this factor may cause difficulty in the design of the bathroom with the window: how to beat him in the interior and keep privacy? We have prepared for you a few good examples might look like the window in the bathroom. Perhaps some of them will serve as your source of inspiration and role model.

In the apartments, these Windows are rare, but in private homes a sensible option would be just such a window. So if you only design your dream home, think how convenient it will be such a solution. The window in the upper part of the wall will not prevent convenient to place furniture and not forced to look for ways to preserve privacy: to look in a window is problematic.

Even if this window will be located in the shower area, you will not interfere. But if the doorway itself is rather deep due to wall thickness, it can be used as additional niches for storage of shampoos and pretty bottles with the means to care for themselves.

If the window opening is still not quite fit into your plans, and you’ll be exactly where you ought to be shower room or bathroom, do not despair — these two objects are not mutually exclusive. Your main task is to protect the window from splashing water and soap stains, and yourself and your family from prying eyes during water treatment. And it can be done in different ways. For example, you can make a small curtain from a conventional shower curtains.

20 Photos of the Bathroom with window: some great examples and ideas