Still in doubt how to properly take care of the wooden table

Still in doubt how to properly take care of the wooden table and wondered how to get rid of scratches on the chest of drawers made from pressed wooden plates? It is time to find out. What is your opinion?
How to maintain the original appearance of solid wood furniture, eliminate dark spots on the metal surface, and spend a minimum of time – look for the answers in our material.

1. Wooden Furniture

Brutal dining table or classic kitchen set made of solid oak win you over at first glance, do not hesitate. In addition to that, the ease of care and durability of the material will be a very nice bonus for you.
Care: furniture covered with laquer – regularly wipe with a slightly damp cotton cloth and then with a dry one. In order to “bring an already clean surface to perfection”, wipe with a soft cloth with polish. If the latter is not at hand, lemon juice or vegetable oil will be a great replacement.
Use: take care of wooden furniture, keep away it from moisture and temperature changes – their impact is detrimental: the tree begins to swell and deform. Therefore, hot pots and cups set only on special boards. As well, keep away all sorts of chemicals from the beloved wooden table. You are going to pass it to your grandchildren on, aren’t you?
Special conditions: solid wood furniture should not be located closer than 1 meter from heaters.
Our advice: when you remove the dirt of wooden furniture, move cloth only in the direction of the drawing. Thus, you remove the dust even from the pores of the wood.

2. MDF furniture

MDF is a very sustainable and versatile material. And in order to appreciate all its advantages, ensure proper maintenance of such furniture.
Care: remove the dust from the MDF-coating with a dry soft cloth, avoiding severe chronic contamination. For example, you can use cloth, flannel, plush. For serious stains, use a light soap solution or detergent with a safe structure.
Use: MDF furniture shouldn’t not be exposed to high temperatures, so steam cleaning and closely positioned heating elements are not allowed. In addition to that, you’d better take hard brushes, sponges with a metal or plastic cover away. Hide cleaning supplies with abrasive particles and chlorine there too.
Special conditions: MDF furniture is recommended to place in rooms with that kind of environments: relative humidity is about 70% and the air temperature is above 10 ° C.
Our advice: in order to get rid of scratches on the surface, you should use furniture suitable shade wax. Before applying thoroughly clean the dust off the furniture, and polish the surface with a soft cloth, when applied supplies dries.

3. Mirror and glass furniture

If you want to increase the light and space in the bedroom, to give lightness and elegance of the interior – mirrored glass bedside tables and dressing table cope with these tasks on “hurray”. But they require careful and steady-regular care.
Care: you will need a soft cloth and a special tool for cleaning windows and mirrors. However, wet cleaning is not enough – to avoid stains, it is necessary to rub the glass and mirror surface also with a dry cloth.
Use: You can not use rough material with abrasive fibers for cleaning, otherwise you can leave scratches on the surface. But in the same time, glass and mirrored furniture can be safely used in the bathroom – high humidity is not dangerous for it.
Special conditions: put a hot meal on the glass surface is not recommended. Better not to risk and stock up on napkins, tablecloths and special boards.
Our advice: if dried food remained on a glass or mirrored furniture, soak it with a damp cloth before cleaning, and only then remove. So you will avoid scratches on the surface.

4. Furniture Metal

Who have not heard of a bold and daring loft today? And it’s almost impossible to imagine that kind of interior without a bar stool and a decorative lamp made of metal. Yes, in fact, it’s not necessary. Caring for these art objects do not require you a lot of effort.
Care: once a week whisk dust and dirt with a soft sponge or cloth and do wet cleaning spend not less than once a month. To do this, use liquid or gel cleansers and completely forget about cleaning brushes and sponge iron.
Use: unfortunately, many kinds of metal exposed to rust and corrosion. To avoid unpleasant moments provide a low level of humidity in the room with metal furniture. The undoubted advantage is periodically impregnating metal anticorrosive suppliers.
Special conditions: the metal furniture don’t need mechanical polishing and the impact of sandpaper. But a variety of suppliers, which are designed for soft and gentle sanding scratches and irregularities, come in handy in your home.
Our advice: check for rust surface of metal garden furniture every season. If you notice even the slightest signs of it, fix the trouble immediately: you have to prime and paint the problem areas.

5. Plastic furniture

Plastic furniture helps us not only in the country. There is a great way to use it in the kitchen and nursery – probably you have already seen this. But no matter how good and durable your favorite plastic chair is, it will not last forever with wrong care .
Care: remove the dust only with a damp cloth. To remove stains a mild detergent can be very useful. Under no circumstances do not use brushes, scrapers and any stuff with sanded effect, otherwise you will not avoid scratches.
Use: high temperatures are dangerous for plastic furniture, so keep it away from open flame. Do not put overweight items on a plastic chair or table, otherwise the legs will start to disperse and furniture will lose its stability.
Special conditions: it is a crime to leave the plastic furniture in the winter outside, because this sort of material can lose its elasticity and crack.
Our advice: plastic can change its characteristics under direct sunlight, especially it concerns its color. Therefore, hide plastic dining table under umbrellas. Also, you can use shutters or blinds.

Written by Stanislav Shevotsukov

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