Front door – protect your home

Every owner wants to protect his home and the easiest and most reliable method to do this is to install a reliable door. Wood doors today are installed more often as a decorative element than a means of protection. Of course, the metal door is much more reliable, but it is important to choose really high-quality and sturdy door.

If you decided to install metal doors, you need first of all to determine the door size, its thickness and degree of protection. Usually for residential apartments or homes use simple input metal doors, for offices, warehouses or shops more fit models with more degrees of protection. Most of the doors are made to order under customer’s specific requirements.

The basis of the door becomes a metal frame. It consists of metal beams on the perimeter of the future door. To enhance the design and the number of beams can be increased, but it is worth remembering that it will significantly increase the weight of the structure. On top of a main frame welded to the metal sheets. Their durability greatly depends on the reliability of the door, because if these leaves would be easy to cut or open, no matter how strong was not a frame, the door becomes vulnerable. Box door also it is executed from metal beams, for reinforcing this element can be used dual beams.

Modern locks meet all safety requirements, however, for best results, experts recommend installing at least two locks. It would be better to choose different types of locks, so when you try to open them, it will take much more time, which also helps to increase the security level. The most reliable is the system with several vertical and horizontal bolts, this eliminates removing the door entirely.

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