Italian style in interior design

Italian style is a luxury, a delicacy of taste, refinement and originality. In fact, no wonder, Italy is considered the capital of fashion and design art. The ability of the Italian people to preserve the ancient traditions for many years, makes this style even more exclusive and mysterious.
It combines original design ideas and retains the classic Italian sense of beauty and comfort.
There is a perception that the Italians never skimp on the decorations and design of their own homes. Because for them, as for all people, it is very important to feel comfortable and cozy in your own home.
Italian style in interior design can really turn any, even a small bathroom into a real Paradise. It is based on impeccable taste and classic universal principles.
The characteristic features of this style are:

Natural, light shades of yellow, cream, terracotta, olive green;
The main materials used in the interior is wood and natural stone;
Expensive furniture on low-legged, dark wood with wrought iron elements;
A variety of stylish decorative elements is also very important. These can be frames with family photos, glass vases, avant-garde paintings, candleholders, floor clocks;
Bright rugs;
Curtains in organza, drapery, tapestry (as a rule, this Roman light curtains);
Covering walls with decorative plaster and wall moulding;
Ceilings. Interesting and unusual will look in the interior of Italian style;
The floor should look natural. You can use tile, laminate, hardwood floors.
Upholstered furniture in Italian style, usually with leather covering. Not stark white skin.
In the Italian style, as in any other, there may be small deviations, and exceptions. For example, if You want your interior was attended by more expression and emotion, can choose bright, vibrant colors: lavender, red, green, orange and even blue. If you want more naturalness and naturalness – add indoor plants and sunlight.
When choosing a style, you need to think carefully about what material costs are You ready. The design of the room in the Italian style be costly, but your home will turn into your own little Italy.
The Italian style home, full of the spirit of aristocracy and romance. This style may look like a strict and formal (e.g. registration office), and warm and romantic (for example, in the design of the bedroom or living room in the apartment).
Italian style embodies all the grandeur and aesthetics of a Mediterranean style, not only in design and architecture, and life style.

20 Photos of the Italian style in interior design