Oriental style interior design

Oriental style is one of the most popular styles used in design of houses and apartments. Rooms are decorated in Oriental style, have a particularly warm, Sunny atmosphere. The Oriental style is ideal for people who are trying to create a cosiness in the house, and want, what their apartment looked unusual and stylish and did not contain anything superfluous.
Such a thing as “Eastern style” is very broad. In the General case, it can be divided into two areas: the Arab and Asian.
So looking at the Arabic style, in the first place, you should pay attention to some features, traits and elements which should be present in the interior “East” of the room. First of all, in this room must be the same, boring items, straight clean lines, smooth surface. The interior should be used bright colors, lace carvings, lighting, wall hangings, soft furniture and warm colors, pillows, curtains. All these details will give Your home a special charm and originality.
Also, very handy in the interior, is to use handmade decorations. It can be luxurious carpets, mosaics, figurines made of pottery or wood.
Arabic style, formed in the middle East, has its own inherent principles and features.
The main distinctive features of the Arabic style:

The lack of images of humans and animals (prohibited by the Koran;)
A huge number and variety of ornaments, which covered almost all the interior elements;
Bright vivid colors: red, gold, blue, purple, etc.
Many tissue elements and coatings (the famous Arabic rugs and fabrics);
The use of mosaic;
Cushions and mattresses to create comfort and coziness;
Perlamutra and delicate wood carvings;
Asian style (Japanese and Chinese) is the opposite of some Arabic style.
Japanese style is characterized by such signs:

love the space and light;
straight lines;
calm, natural colors;
a minimum of furniture and design elements;
Great attention is paid to the hotel’s interior details, as we all know, the Japanese are true followers of the teachings of the Yin-Yang.
Chinese style has its own characteristics, such as:

The colors used in the interior: red, yellow, blue, gold, green;
The lack of sharp corners and bulky furniture.
The furniture should be of natural materials, black, red or brown color.
The main materials of Chinese style are: silk, bamboo, wood, and ceramics.
Popular decorative elements: figurines, dragons, Chinese characters, lacquer painting, sculptures from natural stone, porcelain, handwoven carpets.
Adherence to the teachings of Feng Shui.
Any room decorated in Oriental style, will be a special, mysterious place, both for the guests and for the owners of the house. But we need to clearly cut components of Oriental style is to divide it into Arabic and Asian.
In practice, when it is said “the interior in Oriental style” means exactly Asian. But after reading this article, I think You will understand what is Eastern style and how diverse it can be.

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