Country style in interior design

From English “country” is held as the village. And the style is called rustic. Another name for this style – country, because it is very harmoniously blends rustic naturalness and simplicity with the possible variety of color from different countries and cultures.
Therefore, you should understand the style of the country, as devinsky house in the style of a particular country. Country a very free and diverse style. It implies the existence of some artistic disorder, and simple organic materials.
Country is invulnerable simplicity and practicality, it is coziness and originality. This style steeped in ancient history and full share of romanticism. It contains a simple functional elements and intricate wooden decorations. Building materials are always chosen natural and organic, no plastic, and plastic.
List the key characteristics and distinctive features of the country style in interior design:

Used old to look at, a bit awkward furniture made of dark, rough wood.
There are no signs of the elegance and delicate forms.
The presence of natural fabrics with floral motifs.
Simple, straight curtains of coarse solid material, sometimes with a simple, primitive pattern.
The natural texture.
Crocheted napkins and capes in ancient style.
Exposed original dishes, on the walls, on kitchen and bathroom shelves.
The layering of different colors that are combined in a single mixed composition.
The lack of snow-white, bright modern colors and mixed colors.
A large number of products of wood: furniture, walls, ceilings, doors, etc.
Sometimes there are “polosochka” and “cell” motifs in textiles and the decoration of the walls with Wallpaper.
Tree in the country is often associated with metal elements and delicate metal decorations.
In large rooms in country style are also not rare massive stone fireplaces, the heating is on firewood.
Country style must be elements of village life, self-grown vegetables, natural or artificial, “glechik”, pottery, woven baskets, wooden spoons, etc.

Country style according to statistics today is made mostly kitchen, but other rooms are also very well can look great in a country style.
Kitchen in country style very convenient for household chores and cooking. Any cooking mess in the kitchen in country style is taken for granted. Wooden ceilings, warm colors and fabrics make the kitchen really nice and cozy, both for owners and for guests. Living room in country style is filled with warmth and comfort. For the decoration of the spacious rooms in country style there are typically four lights, the connection of which is made the whole room.
Bedroom country style, as a rule, simple and bright. There is always a spring mood, lots of cotton and wool. The boxes and chests for clothes would also be very helpful.
As you can see, country style can be very beautiful and diverse, it has its advantages and disadvantages. The main thing – to create a real, homemade, rustic comfort, to combine the softness, naturalness, aesthetics and lyricism. Distinguish between traditional and modern country style. In modern the same principles of the country are embodied by using new materials, and using some modern technology.

20 Photos of the Country style in interior design