English style in interior design

English style in the interior is defined and understood. In fact, it is a separate area of the classical style, which retains original character and features British classics in the interior. The style is very harmonious and conservative, like England itself, maintains a good classic traditions of the past.
English style in the interior implies the presence of certain textures, mostly cellular figures, Parallels, and floral motifs (often rose).
The English style is a harmonious mix of luxury, the Imperial Palace and complex of modern ideas, a mixture of practicality and convenience.
English style in the interior requires a fine sense of beauty and careful selection of small parts and components. In General, this style is recognizable by some common characteristics, for example, neat fireplace, a library and fireplace a special chair.
This English style only selects natural environmental materials, no plastic, and synthetics.
Main features of English style which identificeret it in the world of interior design:

Lots and lots of wood. Great use of light and dark wood, milled surface, lacquered frames, etc.
Rich, but not bright colors, mostly shades of red, yellow, brown and green.
Luxury furniture, pillows and soft sofas.
Painting in the medieval style.
Openwork lamps and many accessories.
Almost all the tissues present in the interior, have a simple, beautiful pattern.
Abaurrea chandeliers (textile or crystal), which would provide the necessary amount of light.
On the floor tiles or marble with geometric patterns in small rooms is wood.
English style in interior design is the cradle of the aristocracy and grandeur which impresses everybody with harmony and masterful design taste.
You can select traditional (original) English style, and modern. In the last all the principles and characteristics of the English luxury decorated lighter, and look new, untouchable. In the traditional English style, you can find worn-out, faded elements that convey the essence of antiquity and conservatism.
But in any case, the house in the English style always shines from cleanliness and order. Displays the best that there is or was present in British culture and architecture of all time.

20 Photos of the English style in interior design