Design project of a country house

Any design project the default home should be unique and unusual, because Your home is a reflection of Your personality and individual taste. Construction of a country house relieves the designer of many restrictions and prohibitions that exist, for example, when creating the interior of an apartment in an apartment building. Thus, allowing homeowners to realize all your dreams and wishes.
Design project of a country house can be of two types:

Design project external decoration of house
Design project for interior decoration
In this article we will focus on the second. Unlike apartments, in the development of the design project of a large house or penthouse, you need to do a large amount of preparatory work associated with the peculiarities of the organization and design of all structures of the house.
Before the development of the project design must consider and take into account the location and characteristics of all engineering communications of the house. In the future design elements in the interior do not interfere with the removal and repair of engineering systems. Carefully designed electrical, water, gas, sewage and low voltage system will help to avoid problems with the implementation of the project design and problems related to the functioning of these systems.
Design project of a country house is supposed to be created in related style with the surrounding landscape and appearance of the house. But this rule has many exceptions. Inside the house can connect and intersect a variety of interior styles, from classic to wood.
Design project at home must necessarily take into account the target destination of each room, highlight its features and at the same time make it unusual.
In modern conditions, the design project for your house must include a volume rendering. To the owner, prior to construction or repair was able to walk around your home and see all of the room in the virtual world as they are in reality.
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Professional house interior design is created with clear indication of materials for finishing of a particular element of the interior. You also need to consider the cost and properties of each material to assess its optimality and feasibility.
In principle, thanks to modern technologies of design and construction you can design and then to translate into reality the most complex and unusual desires of a person. So, dear owners, feel free to come up with an unusual, thus setting works as its designers and designers!

20 Photos of the Design project of a country house