Gray color in interior design

This is one of the most complex and interesting colors in interior design. Despite its uniqueness and versatility, the attitude is special. This color is transitional between dark and light colors in the light spectrum, and gray is in a certain state of uncertainty. The color is very rich in tones, it also blends perfectly with other colours in the interior.
Grey interesting fact that combines the two main contradictions, black and white, and tends more to the latter.
Association of people with a gray color may be different: on the one hand it can seem lonely and sad, the other is calm and steady. Therefore, it looks for this color, a little forked, and emits different emotions.
Note the positive qualities of gray:

he is calm and confident
he is independent and does not radiate anxiety
it is collected by itself and sufficiency of which feel not everyone can.
Negative qualities of this color:

He looks old, sick and boring
Evokes the mood of the routine and familiarity
It can tire the eyes (especially in low light).
Previously it was thought that the gray color in the interior is too plain and simple to be the main. For decor elements, this color is also rarely used. But with the advent of new trends in art and interior styles, attitudes to grey changed for the better.
Modern style gray color is used more actively, particularly in those that Express calm and rationality: minimalism, Oriental, Scandinavian.
The combination of gray style with other colors in the interior

Grey color in design is very often used as a background. It is very well separated bright decorative elements.
A popular option is the combination of gray wood (walnut, bamboo, oak, alder).
Very good combination is the combining shades of gray with beige or other shades of grey.
It’s a natural color which you can draw almost any room.
Kitchen design in grey color looks very tasty and nice. Living room or bedroom in grey color also signify a sense of ease, spaciousness and focus.
This light is well suited for the workplace. Often decorate offices, offices, etc.
In General, gray color, though not very conspicuous, for the independent and peaceful. It observes absolute neutrality and is ready to be combined with other colors.

19 Photos of the Gray color in interior design