Prepare the balcony for the summer

When everything is in bloom and in the truest sense of smell, so do not want to sit within four walls, dreamily looking at all this fabulous action through the glass. So, it’s time to elevate your balcony! So, you will be able at any moment to enjoy a Cup of tea or coffee in the fresh air, or maybe equip a small workspace outside of the home and office. So what should you do before you move to rest on the balcony?

Even if your balcony (or loggia) glazed and during cold weather there must be gathered a lot of dust, and, perhaps, unnecessary things. General cleaning on the balcony not only help to bring it into proper form, but also to identify such defects as damaged flooring or otlepitsya the paint on the railings and so on.

If you are going to sheathe the balcony decking, paneling or siding, simply refresh the paint on the railing. If the old paint is chipping in places, it is desirable to pre-strip these areas. Decorate railing planters with artificial flowers or climbing plants, if you do not want to care for the living.

Of course, this all primarily depends on the design of the facade of the house – this should be a start. In order not to disturb the overall picture, pick the closest color of paint or plastic that will be used to design the walls on the balcony. If the walls and look so good, just to decorate all of the same basket of greens.

Below the balcony was a nice to be, it is very important that the flooring was appropriate – cold concrete comfort will not help. Experts say that the best flooring option for balcony may be the decking (aka garden parquet), which can be removed at the end of the season. You can also use tiles or porcelain tiles, but this option will cost significantly more. If you have tiled floors on the balcony, you can just lay a carpet or piece of carpet below the feet were warmer, and eye – pleasant.

Installation of wall mounted fixtures requires correction of wiring, but you can do without them. Very good look on the balcony styled kerosene lamp that can be hung or placed on the floor. You can also create fairly bright, but soft and romantic light with led garlands and candles.

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