Interior design bathrooms of the small size

Shortage of space is a very serious obstacle when making design decisions. However, there is always a solution. To design a small bathroom all of the nuances of small rooms should be taken into account, and methods for visual increase of space should be used.

A thoughtful approach to interior design of small bathrooms will yield unexpected positive results.  With a little bit of imagination and experimenting with colors and lights, a small room can be changed into a very convenient and comfortable one.

small bathroom with a shower cubicle and a toilet

Methods to increase usable space in a small bathroom

  • If an apartment bathroom and toilet are separated, you can increase the space of the bathroom by combining it with a toilet.
  • Interior design of small bathrooms can be accomplished by selecting compact versions of various sanitary devices.  In addition, in a modern bathroom, there is a large variety of corner-shaped sanitary devices.  Combining these two options, you can successfully increase useful bathroom space.
  • A corner toilet with a triangular water tank secured close to the wall will significantly increase useful bathroom space.
  • A large bathtub is not an acceptable option for a small bathroom.
  • A shower stall installed in a corner would be the best solution in this situation.

Sliding shower doors should be transparent, which visually will create a feeling of freedom.

For those who like to take baths lying down, a compact bathtub or a combined bathtub/shower would be the best option.  Nevertheless, if the choice is made in favor of a full-size bathtub, a smaller sink partially located over the bathtub could be chosen to save space.

luxurious bathroom in classical style

A place for an indispensable item such as a washing machine must also be found. A small bathroom requires a small washing machine which can be put in a free corner or even under the sink.

Rearrangement of sanitary devices will require additional time, cost, and trouble. However, this is necessary for the successful design of small bathrooms.

Special attention should be given to the color choice for floor and wall tiles. For small bathrooms the most suitable option is to use transparent materials and light colors which visually increase space.  Large patterns or bright colors of tiles should be avoided for this option.

Floor tiles that are laid in a diagonal position make for a nice view.  Practical and small furniture (whether floor or hanging) is the most convenient for a small bathroom and should be light colored and preferably from the same collection.

Mirrors should be used for visual increase of space when designing the interior of small bathrooms. The mirrors should be large to reflect a lot of light. Mirrors on the doors of bathroom cabinets are also an excellent option for small bathrooms. It is important to choose correctly lighting for a small bathroom. To make a room visually more spacious, there needs to be a lot of light. In this case, a multi-level ceiling with luminaries mounted into it can be helpful. Also, a mirror backlight could be installed.

Natural light also creates a feeling of more space. Unfortunately, not all apartment or house owners can boast about the presence of windows in their small bathrooms.

Simulation of a window should be done very precisely, and everything should look very natural:  curtains, potted flowers, frames, glass, and view from the window. A stained glass window can have a backlight which will create a stunning effect.

10 Photos of the Interior design bathrooms of the small size

cozy bathroom with candlesstylish bathroom with turquoise lightingstylish bathroom with black tilestylish bathroom in white colorwhite tones bathroomluxurious bathroom in classical stylesmall bathroom with a shower cubicle and a toileta modern bathroom with a marble sinkstylish bathrooms with wooden detailsstylish bathroom in modern design