Kitchen design

What you need to pay attention to, choosing the style of the kitchen

Kitchen, this is the heart of the house. Therefore, the design of the kitchen should be approached with all due attention. First you need to decide what will be the kitchen? Classic, modern? Only after the adoption of the General concept proceed to the choice of color and design.

Remember the kitchen doing kitchen stuff. For example, pens, accessories. They, even, can cost more expensive the most cuisine.

Equipping the kitchen, visually divide it into zones. It:

* Storage of tableware
•    Washing
* Preparatory area
•    Cooking

The kitchen should start to equip the first. The rest of the rooms should correspond to the overall design of the kitchen or complement it.

As for the color, it can be any, the main thing is that you like it. The size of the kitchen may be different, but for comfortable use enough 3 m, provided the correct distribution of working areas.

When designing corner kitchens, it is better to build a column with appliances on one longer side, while the kitchen will look freer and longer, if you place everything on both sides, it will turn out to be too closed and uncomfortable zone. In the second half of the corner kitchen set cooking surface and hood.

But in the classic kitchen hood is better to place in the middle, if possible. A refrigerator is better to build in a column to create a General picture of the classic interior.

In modern style, the hood is better to place at the end or beginning of the kitchen, so as not to break the line of smooth surfaces of the modules, and the refrigerator can be built into the closet or leave to stand alone.

If the kitchen is a living room area, it is better to hide the refrigerator and hood in a column or module, so that the kitchen was more like furniture, and this in turn will not spoil the comfort in the living room.

If you want a high-end kitchen and install it to the ceiling, you will have to work with the designer to determine the hood. For hoods of different power needs different diameter corrugated pipe or ventilation duct, usually this size varies from 60-150 mm.

As for the surfaces of the kitchen, remember that granite and marble require care and accuracy, they can not beat the products. Granite: fragile, and the marble is softer, but it remains dyes from fruits and vegetables.

1 Photos of the Kitchen design