Tips for caring for the upholstery of sofas

Furniture is an essential component of home decor. Among all the available varieties of furniture, some specific products (sets) are designed to perform specific functions. Thanks to this functionality, in fact, created the very homely atmosphere, which is called simple and clear — comfort.
There is a desire to create comfort? Help comfortable sofas in Kiev, but do not forget to properly care for upholstered furniture. Almost all the models of the sofas have a single important component of design — plating. The component can be performed based on different materials. As different materials require different care.
Popular types of plating

Modern materials, which are used as covering of upholstered furniture, are positioned:
the flock is;
artificial leather;
too many to mention.
How to care for these materials to upholstered furniture permanently retain a presentable appearance?
Advice on care

Care couch
Let’s start with the chenille — cloth manufactory, which has a bit of cotton, polyester, viscose and acrylic. This kind of sofa cover requires regular maintenance. Basic procedures — cleaning cloth-dust with a vacuum cleaner. It is recommended to use a soft brush or a sponge without water. Chenille allows the Ironing, but the temperature is not over 100 degrees.
The same care needs flok — chemically treated textiles. If areas are heavily soiled, you can use warm soapy-water solution (30 — 40 degrees). Dirty area water and stand for 3-4 minutes. Then clean the surface with a soft sponge and dry, paving a warm iron.
Scotchgard is a sofa covering, many similar to jacquard. However scotchgarded more pronounced protective properties, through the use of special impregnation. This kind of cladding requires careful easy cleaning without the use of chemicals and solvents. Regular care Scotchgard provides for the cleaning of the surface with a vacuum cleaner. Heavily soiled areas cleaned with water solutions of special cleaning agents.
Perhaps the most delicate covering of the sofa is a velour cover. Material permanently retains good condition, if you look after it appropriately. Cleaned from dust with a special brush attachments. Use a proprietary aerosol, emulsion, cream.
Faux leather on the couch is also, in most cases, is cleaned by special means. Owners of leather sofas are encouraged to buy special napkins, impregnated with balanced cleaning agent. If you do care with the use of protective skin cream, a long sofa will look like new.
A truly unique fabric is microfiber. The covers of the sofa is made of microfiber can be washed. However, the washing process should be gentle, without the use of air conditioners and other substances. Detergents neutral. Dry cloth is needed in natural conditions. Ironing is not allowed.
The consequences of proper care

Proper care of the surface of the sofa
The right to be considered the care of upholstered furniture, which supported not only the degree of purity directly piece of furniture, but also the degree of cleanliness of the room, where the furniture is present. Stupid and ineffective weekly to clean the sofa, if the room for a long time not removed.

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