How to insulate Windows for winter ways and tips

With the advent of winter cold, the desire to insulate the Windows in your home becomes more strong, and the question of how to insulate Windows is becoming increasingly important. In this article we will point out the main ways of insulating Windows in homes and apartments. And name the main advantages and disadvantages of each method of insulation.
To insulate the Windows better before winter, but most give it only after severe frosts.
I must say that the Windows are completely different types and shapes. And for each type and size of the window to select the most optimal, simple and reliable method of warming.
In the General case, we can say that the insulation of the Windows with their hands, you can perform quickly and inexpensively. When we speak, it is necessary to insulate the Windows, we understand that we need to make it as leakproof as possible.
In the General case, to insulate the Windows in two ways:

Using materials and methods to seal cracks.
Carry insulation through compaction of the porch.
The first case of insulating Windows more relevant to wooden Windows, which suffer from ancient times or a poor quality material.
Here it should be noted that a perfectly airtight wooden Windows in nature, there is very little. The level density and sealing of wooden Windows are different, but perfectly tight window to meet is quite difficult.
The easiest and cheapest way to seal cracks in Windows using technical wool and strips of paper (or a special adhesive paper for Windows). Everything is simple – the window cracks you want to make wool, then on top to seal the paper. Although this method is quite ancient, and, so to say, “antiquated” by doing things carefully and correctly the result will be pretty good. The window is beautiful, and the efficiency and warmth will satisfy all parameters.
The next, more modern method of insulating Windows is to use silicone sealants or synthetic sealing materials. For this You need a special, simple and convenient hand tool – lever syringe. It can be used quickly and effectively seal all holes and crevices in the Windows.
It is recommended to use white or colorless sealant, and it was not visible on the surface of the Windows.
Now as to seal the porch. In the category of Windows that you want to insulate using this method to get, as a rule, plastic Windows. The idea of these Windows should be sealed, but the problems happen and they happen quite often!
The causes of insufficient air-tightness of plastic Windows:
Incorrect, poor quality installation;
The end of shelf life (operation) of the window;
To seal the porch for Windows there is a special sealing tape that is initially present in the plastic window. But over time it wears out and erased. In bad install, even new Windows can conduct the flow of air.
Finally, call another method, which has long been used for insulation of all types of Windows.
Is it to use plastic film. Film covered the whole surface of the window, so that it is snug against the glass, but was well stretched. The film can be finished with Windows, both inside and outside. For external use you need to choose a more dense and durable film. For internal – fit and is less dense. If Your region is famous for its high winter, can use plastic wrap in several layers.
Each of these methods in their own way. You choose for yourself the most suitable and most profitable, based on their conditions, abilities and preferences.

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