The style of art Deco in interior design

The history of the emergence and popularization of the style of art Deco is quite interesting and intriguing. The term “art Deco” was heard in 1925 at the exhibition in France. Since then, the style began to be used in art, fashion and design and architecture. But especially popular in interior design style “art Deco” was only in the 90s of the last century.

Art Deco is a unique, luxurious and extravagant style. It combines clean lines; ethnic patterns; luxury gold, silver and precious stones; modern and exclusive materials (crocodile skin, ivory, black or red wood); stained glass Windows and milled wood.
From the style of art Deco glamor breathes and wealth, therefore many wealthy people tend to make your home in this style.
With regards to the color scheme used for the interiors of houses in the style of art Deco, has many unusual options and ideas. But still, a standard and a special feature of the style are a rich brown, noble red and black color.
For art Deco is characterized by bright, daring, sometimes even audacious e combinations of elements. The combination of Oriental motifs, elements of antiquity, exotic and simple materials, the different forms of waves, shells, zigzags, graceful female figures makes the style of art Deco special, unique and extremely pleasant to contemplate.
You can now separately select and identify the key characteristic features of the style of art Deco in interior design in the modern world:

Exotic, natural materials used in the decor.
The abstract motifs.
Original color combinations.
Stylish, elegant things.
The combination of alignment and asymmetry.
Lightness and grace.
Avoidance of asceticism and minimalism.
The combination of exotic and primitive art.
Wallpaper is a kind of backdrop for furniture and decoration.
Uses unobtrusive colors and shades.
The use or imitation of the use of precious metals: gold, silver, platinum.
Classic and modern furniture, unusual combinations of furniture.
Welcome creative and original design ideas.
Briefly describe the style of art Deco can in a few words: chic and good taste. If You are willing to invest a lot of money and effort in the design of Your home, feel free to choose the style of art Deco and You will not regret it. This style is for the free, self-confident and creative people. It gathers the best of the best styles, and presents it in a new and extraordinary light.
This style allows you to combine the classic idea of beauty and luxury with modern technological advances!

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