How to choose a chandelier in the bedroom?

In the course of creating the bedroom interior design will need to consider what the chandelier will add to the atmosphere visually and functionally. The points on which you should rely when choosing the right bedroom lighting:
The dimensions of the room
The ratio between the desired and recommended level of illumination
The style of the interior
The effect of room size on the choice of chandeliers

There are several types of lighting for General illumination:
Ceiling chandeliers, overhead lamps, spotlights)
Each option has installation recommendations in accordance with the size of the bedrooms and ceiling:
Suspension (it also took stretch, drywall, lath, etc.)
Pendant chandelier installed in all types of ceiling designs. With only limits on the volume of the room. If the height of the room is small — the suspension looks ridiculous, it greatly spoils the interior, and prevents movement. In the case of high ceilings, we recommend you choose a pendant chandelier is an effective tool for lighting and design. It is recommended to hang it at a height of 2-2. 2 meters to the floor. Is calculated from the average human growth of people above two hundred feet tall, a little bit. Outboard model sets if the room height allows you to hang it so that the floor remained not less than 2. Usually, it is about 2.7 meters or more in General (taking into account the length of the suspension, the dimensions of the valves). If the height is below 2.5 — use the ceiling model.

The desired and recommended level of lighting in the bedroom

Are the recommendations for lighting of each individual room in the apartment. For bedroom lighting recommended brightness is equal to a minimum of 50 and maximum of 200 Lux per square meter (this range included the personal preferences of residents). Why such a wide variation? Some owners prefer to have them in the morning hit the eye bright light from the lamp to Wake up. Other, more comfortable feel in a muted bedroom with soft lighting and try to choose the closed shades.
What is a Suite? Lux — unit of illumination, which is equivalent to the unit of luminous flux is the lumen. Technical characteristics of the lamps not both — of the lumens are written in tandemnyj the lights
Incandescent 100 W 1380 LM are equal.
Fluorescent 36 W 3350 LM equivalent
Led 2-3 W gives around 250 lumens.
To select the light source in the bedroom, proceed primarily from the dimensions of the room, the power light bulbs and the desired degree of illumination. The larger the room, the greater the number of sources required. There is a formula decorative lighting — number of bulbs multiplied by the wattage of the lamp, divided by twenty. This formula applies to halogen and incandescent lamps. When you use fluorescent bulbs the resulting number should be multiplied by 5, the led 10. The end result is equal to the number of square meters that can light chandelier.
For example, a chandelier with 5 light sources with an output of 40 W and a base, for example, E14: 5*40/20=10 sq. m., if used halogen or incandescent. In the case of using a fluorescent result — 50 sq. m., led — 100. The more bedrooms, the greater number of light sources in the lamp or chandelier, or a higher power of the lighting device required.

Colors and style bedroom interior

Planning to choose a chandelier in the bedroom, it is necessary to proceed not only from its visual component, but also from the appearance of the room. The interior is decorated in the khaki color not particularly attractive look, for example, purple interior.
In building design it is important to observe quite fragile balance that is easily upset. For example, in the bedroom, made in classic style, with stucco details, looks alien chandelier in the art Nouveau style. It is the best looks in the modern bedroom.
Classic chandeliers

Choose a classic chandelier for bedroom lighting in pastel colours. Classic is always relevant, because it has stood the test of time. Many designers work fundamentally in this style, and customers are consciously asking the interior in the format of the classics. Feature chandeliers of this style is that they are just hanging low in the bedroom will not fit due to size. Fit electic ceiling light.

Crystal chandeliers

Special mention deserves a crystal chandelier. They are popular among customers. Thanks to the crystal details, the interior looks richer, with a touch of chic. The light refracted through the crystals of the chandelier, forcing them to play with colored rays, which gives lighting to the room a special charm.
Some prefer to go to designers who take into account all the details of the situation and skillfully combine them with each other by selecting a specific setting of the lamp.
Shape light bulbs

A separate addition to the design of the chandelier is the use of light bulbs of a special form. There are the following:
Candle in the wind, etc.
Each variety visually change the appearance of the chandelier. For example, in Rozhkova chandelier without shade (especially in a classical style) looks pretty model — candle in the wind.
The temperature of the light

Greatly alter the General appearance of the lamp the temperature of light is mounted inside the luminaire or lamp shade light bulb warm or cold tones visually change the shade covering its fabric, glass, etc. Lighting, resulting from the use of different kinds of light sources, give the room a special mood. Warm colors will make finding the bedroom more comfortable — heat associated with the security. Cool colors are considered to be less comfortable designers not recommend to use them in the chandelier without shade or lampshade can brighten the lighting.
The use of temperature characteristics allows to modify the lamp or lamp, namely, a tinge of shade or canopy. This happens due to the temperature change of the light source. If you select other bulbs, will get to play it in other colors if bedroom decor a little tired and want to change.


To choose the right lamp for bedroom lighting, rely on the listed options and personal taste preferences. Remember — furnished interior of this room, you are dealing with the most intimate area in the house. Lamp model, design, nature lighting that you select will largely affect the mood and even health.

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