Ceramic tiles in the interior: modern trends

Tiles today, are often used in the interior of houses and apartments. In stores you can pick up a similar facing material not only for bathrooms and kitchens and living rooms. Ceramic looks nice, easy to maintain, it is resistant to wear.
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Types of modern tiles

Currently a very popular tile that mimics a different kind of natural materials. It allows you to decorate a room under the stone, wood or marble. Lining material resembling a parquet can be seen in the living room, bedroom and kitchen. Electric floor heating makes the room especially cosy.
Decoration natural marble looks rich. Such ceramics is much cheaper than the natural material, but allows you to make the room luxurious. It is advisable to choose a large tile size and provide invisible seams, then coating will look perfect.
Facing material, imitating stone, often used in the design of verandas and pergolas. But in the bathroom it looks good. Similar tile harmonizes well with chrome faucets and white fixtures.
Imitation leather like lovers of glamour and neo-classical. Tile, similar to the skin of various animals, looks elegant and expensive. She usually has a distinct topography. A finishing material suitable for floor and for walls.
Floral images on ceramics today is not too popular. Most often, buyers choose large panels decorated with plants and a discreet floral ornaments. This tile is best to coat one wall in the room, or part of it.
Graphic patterns attract attention. They like people who are not afraid of experiments. Geometric motifs make the room stylish. Also in recent years become more and more popular ceramics with a 3D effect. The image, composed of such tiles, it looks amazing. Such material is chosen by people who know the main trends and aspiring to follow them.
Ceramics having a metallic coating, great for decorating small bathrooms. It allows you to visually expand the space. Many people like the background mosaic, from which it is easy to make a themed mural. Well also look gradients of different colors. It is recommended to combine no more than four shades at a time.
For those who want to make the room an unusual and yet not too much to move away from the classical principles of decoration, like a honeycomb. This tile has an unusual shape and looks very original, while not attracting attention entirely.
In short, the range of ceramic tiles is very rich. But choosing the finishing material, you need to think not only about short-term fashion, but about personal preferences. The finish should like the landlord, otherwise he will be home uncomfortable.

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