Stretch ceiling design

I am glad to welcome you, dear visitors of the site In a series of articles on the topic of suspended ceilings, I have already spoken more than once about the wide possibilities this material provides in interior design. A huge variety of colors, shades and textures makes the design of suspended ceilings quite a fascinating and interesting process. In one design you can combine, advantageously, not only different colors and textures, but also different materials. The technology of suspended ceilings makes it possible to easily create both two-level and complex multi-level structures, not to mention various curved systems. Perhaps no other material provides such a variety of decorative options for the surface above your head.

Starry sky

The design of “Starry Sky” stretch ceilings is designed in such a way that during the daytime we can observe a perfectly flat surface, decorated with barely noticeable elements, and in the evening or at night the space above our heads turns into a fantastic play of stars and galaxies.

As you understand, this picture, in addition to everything else, creates a relaxing effect, which comes in very handy at the end of the working day. Children also really like this spectacle; on the one hand, the room is not completely dark, and on the other, the best conditions are created for a restful sleep.

Mirror stretch ceilings

If we talk about the mirror design of stretch ceilings, we are primarily talking about glossy (varnish) ceilings (mirror stretch ceilings are practically not used, I wrote about this here…), then they are most often used in large halls and living rooms. At the same time, it is not uncommon to see the use of gloss in other rooms, including, of course, residential ones. Their combination with matte or satin textures looks especially good.


A special feature of the design of fabric-based stretch ceilings is that they look like canvas, which distinguishes them favorably in the case of various types of photo printing, in particular paintings. You can also find the so-called marble or velvet ceiling.
What is the best way to apply it?

A separate and very popular direction in the design of suspended ceilings is photo printing. You can choose any image, any picture, or maybe a photo. Paintings painted with the artist’s brush look especially chic on the canvases. In most cases, images of neutral themes related to nature are applied; you can often see images of various kinds of landscapes, and even more often “blue sky”. The company can also offer you such effects as a sloping ceiling, cone, arch and dune; they are usually created using multi-level and curved systems.

Which color should I choose?

I would like to say a few words about the choice of color, because it is, one might say, the main component in the design of suspended ceilings. With the right choice of the right color, especially when it comes to plain canvases, this material can serve not only the role of interior decoration, but also the function of color therapy. Of course, if you want to achieve this, then this issue must be treated scrupulously; each case is individual and it all depends on the preferences and temperament of the owners. For example, for melancholic people, soft and light colors are often recommended. For people who love an active lifestyle, cold colors (purple, blue, etc.) are more suitable. And tension and irritability are perfectly relieved in a room with a light green ceiling. Orange normalizes eye pressure, relieving migraines, and yellow is perfect for stimulating brain function; by the way, it relieves drowsiness quite well.

As we can see, dear friends, the design of suspended ceilings is not just a decoration of the room, but also an excellent way to create a favorable atmosphere in the premises to get rid of certain ailments.

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