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Here is what you need to know about popular fortune telling.

78 cards

Tarot cards, this is the most ancient fortune telling. 78 cards can reveal the secrets of the past, explain the present and show the future.

But, in order for divination to be truthful, you need to know the meaning of each card.

Tarot, different from the usual cards that many use for prediction.

The fact is that the tarot cards are interpreted as in the straight and upside down position.

That is, depending on the position, the same map can have two completely different meanings.

Tarot cards are divided into Senior and Junior.

Senior Arcana – 22 cards. Junior Arcana – 56 cards.

It is the cards of these Arcana that tell about what was, is and will be. A detailed description of the tarot card meaning can be found here:

Junior Arcana are divided into four suits with 14 cards each. Conventionally Junior Arcana divided into numerical and courtiers. The value of the Tarot numerical cards gives information, which, on the one hand, takes into account the essence of the given number, and on the other hand, the element of the suit.

There are four such elements.

Wands are subject to Fire.

Cups – subordinate to Water.

Swords are subject to Air.

Coins are subject to the Earth.

All Tarot cards contain descriptions of divination when: the future, the situation, love and relationships, money and finances, the thoughts of a person.

In order to begin to guess on the tarot cards, you need to learn several types of layouts. Their descriptions can be found here on the site.

Learn to guess by answering one question. Pull one card for each question from the deck and learn to answer.

Then, you can learn the alignment of three cards, where:

• the first card is the person himself
• the second card is the situation
• the third card is advice

Then, you can start exploring more complex variants of divination on the Tarot cards.

In order for the cards to start “talking”, it’s better to draw your own deck yourself.

Keep tarot cards in a dark place on a red cloth.

Before fortune telling you need to thoroughly wash your hands with soap. This must be done to ensure that the cards are always clean, and in order to wash off energy from the hands, which can interfere with the layout.

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