French style in interior design

Association coming to mind at the mere mention of France is romance, elegance, grace and a real, sophisticated design taste. The interiors done in French style, elegance and royalty. For the room in this style using only natural materials (wood, stone) and antique, valuable elements (the idea of style).
Here the main thing not to cross a very thin line between the pompous vulgarity and refined luxury. Otherwise, upon completion of repairs, the French style will remain only the name and the interior would look silly and uninteresting.
French style will look perfect in spacious rooms with high ceilings and large Windows. After all, the French interior natural light is very important and is one of its main characteristics.
To explicitly distinguish French style from all the other currents in the interior, are its main, explicit features:

The use of interior such pastel shades: silver grey, pale lilac, pearl pink and others. You can also use ivory, black and terracotta.
For design of the walls matched the colors of pearl Wallpaper with a decorative pattern. Classic French style is a mix of stripes with floral patterns and ornaments.
For flooring use laminate flooring in natural wood or, if funds allow, natural marble. Decorate and insulate the floor, you can use light small carpet made of woolen or silk material.
With furniture you can experiment a bit and try to combine different times and French style. But the traditional is the furniture made of wood combined with iron metal. At the same time, resolved tones of silver, gold, white or black.
Popular elements of decoration: curtains with pelmets, porcelain and crystal figurines, pictures and paintings in wooden frames, mirrors, gilded chandeliers, wrought iron products, pouffes, silk cushions.
French style will allow everyone to demonstrate artistic ability and to create an environment in which You will be most comfortable. Relatives and guests will not want to leave Your house, because who does not dream to visit the romantic, elegant France.
Just do not forget that the French style in the interior is developed for the classical style, so the basic canons and classic idea of beauty should always be in the first place.
The interior in the French style has a rich and somewhat loose character, so it is suitable for the decoration of all the rooms, from the kitchen, to the hall.

20 Photos of the French style in interior design