Space planning in the bathroom

The layout of the room is based, and mandatory procedure, which is carried out prior to construction or repair. The bathroom is no exception.
Bathroom layout – the task is very responsible and complex. Errors in layout can stand the owner a lot of money and wasted time.
The main characteristics that you need to consider when planning a bathroom are its size, the parameters and location of utilities, necessary for the functioning of the bathroom.
A separate item in this thread need to allocate redevelopment. It is usually caused by the inconvenience of operating a bathroom, and a washroom or a change of its functional responsibilities.
In practice, most often two of these kind of alterations:

Connection of bathroom and toilet;
And Vice versa – the separation of bathroom and toilet.
In the first case it is necessary to demolish the wall and replace one door wall. In the second case the opposite.
In any case, the main goal of how planning and redevelopment, the creation of correct, comfortable bathroom, in which you can create another beautiful interior design. And the secret of success in this matter lies in a single simple truth. You need to properly, rationally and wisely use the provided living space of the bathroom.
Planning primarily involves the planning of the location of the main elements of the bathroom: wash-hand basin, shower cubicle, mirror, bath, toilet (if present), sink, boiler, etc. Then you need to plan and convenient to arrange the additional elements of the bathroom, it can be: washing machine, cupboards, shelves, dryers, and towel racks, etc. For the decoration of all surfaces in the bathroom case just used a tile. The tiles in the bathroom gets in one or multiple colors, and sets the overall mood of the room. On the floor nuchshe is best to use Matt (non-slippery) tiles.
The main purpose of planning the bathroom is to position it as much as possible of essential elements, while leaving the maximum free space. But before positioning, because you need also to choose the elements such that they are not boring, and Vice versa – was stylish and comfortable.We say so because it assumes that planning takes place in a bathroom with limited space.
If You bathroom have an area of more than 5×5 meters, planning will have several different character. There is already important, not the optimality and usability, but first and foremost, beauty, originality and aesthetics.
But this does not mean that small bathrooms can’t be beautiful! In design art the main thing – not the size, and taste. here we need a subtle sense of beauty and light. The play of colors, decorative elements, lighting, original ideas, unusual styles – all this can turn even the smallest room the bathroom into a real Paradise.

19 Photos of the Space planning in the bathroom