How to furnish a small bathroom

How to furnish a small bathroom
The bathroom is a place where a person can relax and unwind. In order for the time spent in the bathroom to bring maximum pleasure, its design should be thought out to the smallest detail.

When designing a bathroom, Baderom specialists, first of all, take into account the specifics of this room. The selected materials for decorating walls and ceiling surfaces must withstand high humidity and temperature extremes. The ideal material from this point of view is tile. The variety of its textures, sizes and shapes is unlimited, allowing you to create the most original and unique solutions. Along with ordinary tiles, mosaics are widely used.

To choose the most optimal design, you can view ready-made bathroom options that clearly demonstrate the use of one or another design technique in the design. It is not only the choice of high-quality material that matters, but also its color scheme, as well as size. Giving preference to one or another palette, it is necessary to take into account that it should contribute to relaxation and good rest. Do not use large tiles in a small bathroom. It is better to use a small-sized decor that will allow you to visually push the walls of the bathroom, increasing its space.

More economical, but inferior in terms of their external and strength characteristics to tiles and mosaics, the bathroom design option will be the use of plastic panels. They veneer not only the walls and floor, but also the ceiling surface.

Small bathroom

This is the problem of most apartments in post-Soviet houses. Therefore, the question of the possibilities of visual expansion of space arises very sharply. What do landlords do in such cases?

They’re trying to redecorate it! This decision, of course, is correct, but not all premises can be rebuilt.

Then there is only one option – to resort to the tricks of design art. As you know, the room in light colors looks much wider, so this rule can be applied to the bathroom. You should also provide good lighting. It is best to use spotlights to illuminate individual areas in the room. If you do not like the monochromatic interior, then it can be diluted with separate elements in the form of tile decor. You can change the size of the room by using tiles with stripes in a specific direction. For example, a horizontal line visually expands the room.

The bathroom has always been distinguished by the presence of small things and household chemicals in it, which creates the effect of clutter. To get rid of it, you need to purchase closed furniture, as well as several mirrors.

And, of course, you need to choose the right plumbing. Choose compact plumbing options and ditch the bathtub in favor of a shower cabin.

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