Affordable Interior Design Tips

Does your living room feel tired? Does it feel like it needs a makeover? Unfortunately, we can’t all afford to remodel our living room whenever it starts to feel a little dated. You don’t have to spend a fortune to give your apartment a facelift. There are plenty of things you may do to make your home look like you hired an interior designer to fix it up. Consider the following interior design ideas for living rooms and beyond.

Consider the Floor

One affordable interior design tip for the living room is to get a new rug. A new rug will instantly give your living room a new look. It will change the look of the area entirely and it can even introduce a new color palette. You might recover pillows with new fabric and buy some new throw blankets to give the entire room a facelift.


Add a Visual Effect

Hand paint stripes vertically on the wall. This will add height and sense of grandeur to any living room. Do it to all of the walls or try to pick a feature wall. You may also consider painting one wall darker than the others. This will anchor your room and you can use the darker wall as a focal point.


Pick a piece of furniture in the room. You could go with a chair or you could do the entire sofa. Get the furniture reupholstered. Pick fabric that is unique. Choose an economical fabric. Consider shopping the clearance rack to see what upholstery fabric they have left. If you are just doing a chair your can easily find a piece of fabric that is large enough for an affordable price.

Look Up

Consider painting your ceiling. It is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to add a pop to any apartment. Try to go with a subtle difference, or a bold statement. You could do a faux treatment to make it look textured or go with a solid color.

verticall stripes on the wall in the living room

Choose Your Battles

Instead of focusing on what you hate about your home like your carpeting or wall color, focus on what you do like. This may be a fireplace. You may love your sofa. You may have a painting that is awesome. Make what you love the focal point of the room.

Rearrange It

Sometimes just moving your furniture around can make a huge difference. You could move a chair next to a window so it gets better light. Try your furniture in a couple of different arrangements so you can find the one that best suits the space. You want your space to look cozy, not cluttered. Be careful when you are moving your furniture not to ding the paint on the wall or damage the flooring.

Make it Personal

Make your interior personal by using your own art work or photography to decorate the walls. You might get your stuff professionally framed so it looks good. Stuff like this doesn’t just make a space personal it really warms it up. It is one of the simplest interior design tips.

9 Photos of the Affordable Interior Design Tips

stylish rug in the living roomnice rug in the living roomverticall stripes on the wall in the living roomReupholsteredReupholstered armchaircolorful ceiling in the nurserycolorful ceiling in the living roomcozy fireplace in the living roombrick fireplace in the living room