What is important to know when building a house according to an individual project

An individual or standard (ready-made) project for a private house is where the construction of your home begins. But some developers understand the construction of houses on an individual project in their own way: they want to build and come up with everything on the go, and see how it goes. By this act, the would-be owners are trying to save money on construction. Saving is a normal desire of any developer, but not when drawing up a project.

In this article we will try to explain what consequences such a short-sighted policy can lead to, and why custom home builders in Colorado is better standard standard development, how to determine whether this is a worthwhile project or whether there is no need to get involved with it.

Features of building a house according to an individual project

This is the best way not to overpay for the construction of a new house, which, once built according to the design, will last not decades, but centuries. An existing house construction project gives you the following opportunities:

An accurate understanding of all the parameters of the house – dimensions, functionality, design, number of floors, location, etc. All this reflects the individual design of the house.
You will accurately calculate all construction costs, you will have an estimate in your hands that reflects the smallest details of expenses and the total budget amount.
The house will be built taking into account all external factors: loads on the foundation, seismic state of the region, soil properties, groundwater depth, average annual temperatures, etc.

Design solutions and house architecture

Any professional individual house project also includes architectural solutions for building structures. Designating the appearance of a house is not a task for amateurs; professional knowledge is needed here: in addition to basic skills in fine arts, you need to be able to imagine the life of its owners in a still virtual house in order to understand how best to implement your and their ideas. The implementation of ideas requires knowledge of construction and many other technologies. A house that harmoniously combines with the landscape can only be designed and built by a professional, and only highly qualified specialists can be entrusted with the construction of houses based on an individual project. How do masters of their craft work and what can you do?

Develop your own individual home project. This option will save you money, and if you consult with a foreman, you can end up with a pretty decent construction. Although it is unlikely that you will come across a foreman with a first in design, a second in construction and architecture, and a third in accounting. Thus, shortcomings, mistakes, and elementary mistakes are almost inevitable.
Purchase a ready-made standard project that matches your budget from the regional insurance company. The solution is cheaper than an individual house project, and the company definitely has examples of real houses for this project. But such a development definitely does not take into account your needs and desires, as well as the other nuances mentioned above: the geology and geodesy of the site, the presence of communications, terrain features, and much more. Therefore, you will not receive complete satisfaction, which you will regret for the rest of your life.
Order an individual house project from an organization specializing in this. This option is the most expensive, but it takes into account absolutely everything – from your small wishes to the layer-by-layer composition of the soil at the depth of the foundation.

Professional builders, when developing an individual house project, use an original technique, which is to create a large-scale cardboard model of the building with the surrounding landscape. This helps to understand the intent of the main design solutions and the implementation of additional capabilities.

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