The pop art style in interior design

Welcome to the world of bright colors, originality and beauty. The pop art style embodies all sorts of unique combinations and the most daring design ideas.
This style emerged in interior design in the 50-60-ies of the last century. Originally this style was preaching freedom from all rules, restrictions and uslovlennoe.
Pop art was at the peak of popularity all over the world a few decades ago, but now its use and recognition also felt. Pop art not just another style in interior design, it is a lifestyle which requires to live without rules and restrictions.
All the small elements of the interior in pop art style mattering a full and original artwork. This non-conservative style, it breathes the spirit of modernity and youth. Not strange why in pop art today is very often made out of a variety of youth cafes and clubs.
This style is not suitable for quiet family evenings at the fireplace, he more than has the fun, movement and noisy companies. Therefore, the style of pop art is not to everyone’s taste, and not everyone can withstand it bright and bold tone.
The main features of pop art style, which made him known and popular throughout the world:

The use of abstract drawings, glossy, and recurring motifs;
A wide variety of accessories and small items of plastic and other lightweight materials;
Can often be blurred traditional boundaries of walls, floors and ceilings;
This style is suitable for processing both large and small rooms;
Bright walls, single or multi – tier ceiling light;
Room in the style of pop art may not have a certain color, it harmoniously combines all the colors of the world, both natural and synthetic;
Bright paintings, photographs and posters on the walls, the walls can also contain drawings;
Furniture pop art style is chosen according to the principle of minimalism, simplicity and convenience;
Niches, built-in wardrobes, bright bookshelves, all of this is often present in pop art, and rarely is made in different colors;
Elements, as a rule, cheap, but unusual: metal, leather, plastic, glass, etc.
Particularly valued things made by hand;
A striking feature of pop art- a variety of visual illusions: visual effects disappearing in the drawings, the curvature of space, etc.
Pop art charm and diverse style. He loves to shock the audience, but does it very neatly so that the room was turned into a garbage dump. Creativity and unstoppable flight of the creative imagination – all this is combined into a pop art form a beautiful harmonious composition.
In the style of pop art is made mostly living room and bedroom (often children), such rooms as kitchen and bathroom pop art to meet difficult.
Pop art is a modern, affordable style that’s ideal for those who want to make repairs or build a house with his own hands. Modern technologies are also present in pop art. This is the style for the emotional and brave people, he breathes in the energy of youth, beauty and style.

20 Photos of the The pop art style in interior design