Mural in the interior living room

Wallpaper in interior design has always been famous for its variety and originality. One such manifestation of originality and strangeness in the design of the free surfaces of steel Wallpaper. But, unlike all other “design of experiments”, the mural has received considerable popularity, subsequently spread around the world. 30-40 years ago it was know-how in the world of design and decoration of rooms.
Then many of the apartments and houses were decorated with Wallpaper only because it was something new and interesting. And even in today’s competitive environment, the mural has retained its appeal and beauty. Living room – the perfect room for Wallpaper. But, as elsewhere, the Wallpaper should be chosen with taste and with intelligence.
We will try to give You a few tips that will help you choose for Your living room the most beautiful Wallpapers in the world:

It is best to use the desktop for finishing the wall that is closest to the area of rest and relaxation.
The furniture in the room should be located so as not to close from the spectator the Wallpaper.
The image on the desktop should completely fits the style and mood of the room, or stand out in it as a real living area. In any case, find the picture should be tasteful and understanding the overall composition.
You should also take into account the illumination of the room and the wall to be covered with Wallpaper.
Bright Wallpapers you can use with the prospect of some visually increase room size.
You should not choose a Wallpaper that is the same color scheme of the room itself that formed the mood of monotony and boredom.
You can use these Wallpapers for finishing even the smallest wall, they look always good!
Try combining black-and-white Wallpaper with a small but vivid elements.
If the room is big, the picture should be large and, if small – it can be small and detailed (a small room can not see the big raunak and Vice versa).
You can use the oversized wall murals create a visual expansion of the room and unification of its themes with the theme Wallpaper.
The less light in the room – the lighter and warmer Wallpaper you need to pick up.
Wallpapers allow you to create the interior design living room various pictures and images. So what are the boundaries for creativity and imagination here!
If we consider the mural as the finishing material, they can surely be called universal.You can apply them in all styles and colors, the main thing – a combination of themes and moods.
With the help of wall murals living room can be converted into a real Paradise for rest and relaxation. Interior living room Wallpaper, or rather, the Wallpaper is always interesting and mysterious, it displays the classic view of beauty and at the same time has some twist or gimmick, which makes it truly original and valuable.
If You can’t decide your desired Wallpaper in the living room or not, the answer is obvious and simple: “With good taste and design idea – need! Room with such Wallpaper will be lively and irresistible!”

20 Photos of the Mural in the interior living room