Interior design SPA-salon

Interior trim should be informative

Remember how often going to the Spa we first think about how beautiful it is! What’s the interior, and then how, do not want to go home. Therefore, if you decide to open your SPA-salon, you know, you can not save on the interior. The better the situation in the cabin, the more customers will choose your institution.

Interior decoration should be informative, not only for the body but also for the soul. Natural materials in the decoration and natural colors will tell you that in this salon respect for the environment.

For example, you can enter bamboo furniture and energy-saving lighting into the interior. Corridors and rooms of the SPA-salon is better to decorate with plants. Alpine slides, winter gardens and swimming pools with fish — all this must necessarily be in the interior.

For example, in London beauty SPA Elizabeth Arden outside is highlighted with a bright red oak doors. Why don’t you adopt this motto and make your SPA-salon recognizable?

These, the first and the vivid details that the client sees, barely crossed the threshold of the cabin, in the future will be key to its success.

The interior of the SPA-salon should be radically different from what remains behind the closed door. No noise of urban life should disturb the peace and comfort of customers. For this reason entrance doors have to be oak and have noise isolation.

The colors of the rooms for SPA procedures should correspond to their purpose. So, for example red color has the ability to disperse blood. So bright red in the interior will contribute to the effectiveness of your sessions.

The main decision in choosing the design of your SPA-salon should be the priority of coziness and comfort. Therefore, it is better to turn to a designer who will choose the right interior for your business.

For example, Sofitel Hamburg Alter Wall is located 150 metres from the Hamburg stock exchange and offers elegant rooms and suites with a flat-screen TV and marble bathroom. But the biggest popularity of the hotel was brought by its SPA-salon. The spacious SPA area includes a sauna with an ice fountain and a modern gym. You can also book a massage or order begleitservice hamburg.

SPA-salon is huge. Here, you and your companion can choose from several options for a comfortable stay.

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