Classic style in interior design

The story of the classical style is rich and full-bodied. The birth and formation of this style began during the Roman Empire. But complete the style design as a separate movement in art and architecture began only 300 years ago. And throughout this time the classic style incorporates the most luxurious, apposite, exquisite décor elements and combinations. The main principles of the classical style: luxury, chic, comfort, convenience, richness and elegance.
That’s why classic style is difficult to confuse with any other.
After all, he bears a special atmosphere of high-end homes all the time. The recognition, dissemination and popularity of this style had in the most developed part of the medieval world in Western Europe.
But for interior decoration in this classic style will need to spend, because this style does not tolerate any restrictions in price and quality. Classic style involves the use of expensive natural materials and exclusive furniture.

For classic style is characterized by:

Items correct, elegant shape;
The severity of the lines;
The rich decor: columns, a variety of arches, frescoes, etc.;
Furniture made of expensive wood with carved figural legs, arms and backs;
Gilt, and other precious metals;
The ceiling is decorated with stucco. A large chandelier with pendants (glass or crystal);
Honey, textured Wallpaper, bright colors: yellow, beige, cream, olive, pale pink;
Drape the walls with precious fabrics (silk), tapestry;
The Windows are adorned with pelmets, curtains and blackout large curtains (usually Roman shades of bright colors);
The use of wood flooring;
The availability of accessories: grandfather clock, statues, antique items, paintings, mirrors in gilded or wooden frame, copper products and crystal gifts.
The presence or apparent domination of pure white color;
Do not forget that we live in the 21st century. Consequently, in our house there is not one room, in which there would be no technology. But no need to worry and fret about how to incorporate classic style and modern achievements of mankind. After all, it’s very simple. Using a thin plasma TV, which can be neatly attached to the wall, Your interior will be more elegant and Bohemian. Technical subjects can ruin the interior in a classic style, but if you place them carefully and correctly, the impression will remain correct.
Using the classic style, you can feel like a real aristocrat or, as they say today, “Lord of life”. In this case, any guests will appreciate Your taste and design preferences. Classic is always alive and relevant!

20 Photos of the Classic style in interior design