Chinese style in interior design

Chinese culture is mysterious and diverse. And, of course, it found its reflection in interior design. This style is the brainchild of the East, which is based on profound spiritual principles and aesthetic preferences of the Chinese culture. Often the Chinese style of ignorance confused with the Japanese style of interiors, but in practice, these two styles have many very significant differences.
The organization of living space in the Chinese style, often occurs according to the teachings of Feng Shui, which originated in the East 3,000 years ago.
No wonder, the simplicity and genius of Chinese architecture along with the teachings of Feng Shui have received in the XVIII century its spread across Europe. Rich people and art connoisseurs gathered in their collections of expensive Chinese porcelain and decorative household items from Chinese culture. Chinese style is conducive to contemplation and relaxation. House in the Chinese style breathes peace, bliss and harmony.
The main features of the Chinese style in modern interior design:

Color. The most popular, traditional color in Chinese culture red is the color of power and strength, usually accompanied by black; yellow or gold is the color of riches and fame, the color of the Emperor; blue – the color of nobility; also rarely occurs in the elements of white color.
Wall. They are usually painted or plastered, but the use of Wallpaper also takes place. Actually, do the wall-paper was invented in China. Also look good wall paintings in the Chinese style. It can be Chinese characters or traditional Chinese ornaments and pictures. SIM
Paul. It is usually dark, with a reddish or terracotta shade. Ideal for the floor in Chinese style is bamboo flooring or thin carpet.
Furniture in Chinese style. In the choice and arrangement of furniture is dominated by minimalism and simplicity. Furniture, usually small and lightweight, and most importantly – no sharp edges. Clear square and triangular forms are also rare. A feature of Chinese furniture is also multi-layer varnishing. For furniture used bamboo and wood. And her jewelry is difficult techinca intarsia (cut from plywood decoration).
Accessories. Chinese style is not used a large number of beautiful and valuable decorative items. For example, a porcelain vase (a famous Chinese porcelain), umbrellas painted, rare items and wooden figurines. Silk fabrics, curtains and colorful carpets will find their application.
Lighting. Welcome round chandeliers and lamps. Rice paper and plastic will serve as material for such lamps. The form of lighting is most often spherical.
Chinese style in the interior of one of the most interesting and recognizable. It displays high Chinese spirituality and desire for philosophy. It’s a lifestyle, timeless and unusual. There is a Chinese proverb: “You live in time and space, and we are only in space.”
The Chinese interior is striking with the proper space planning. Each area in the house designed for some classes, and imbued with energy and spirit conducive to this lesson.
Anyway, authentic Chinese furniture in the house is not just to create, but possible. You just need to study and understand the basics of Chinese culture and traditions.

20 Photos of the Chinese style in interior design